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Local Food Ambassador Program


Ashland TannElizabeth City State University, Political Science Major, Military Science minor

Ashland is interested in university policy for local food procurement.

FB: @ECSULocalFoods


Quadarion JohnsonFayetteville State University. Biology Major 

Quadarion, having lived on a farm, is very interested in working with Cooperative Extension to focus on increasing the availability of fresh and nutritious local foods on campus.

FB: FSULocalFoods

Zakiyaa TaylorNC A&T State University, Urban & Community Horticulture Major.

Zakiyaa is interested in exploring the intersections between race, class, health, and food access and is excited to educate others on campus through events and media.



Jovia OchiengNC Central University, Health Education Major.

Jovia is excited to focus on campus education about nutritious local food options.



Kabrina McAfeeUNC Pembroke, Biology Major.

Kabrina is interested in connecting nearby local farmland and farmers with the university.

FB: UNCPLocalFoods


Fredrick MitchellWinston-Salem State University, Communication and Media Studies major.

Frederick is focusing on the connection of diet and chronic disease with access to fresh and healthy local foods

FB: @WSSULocalFoods

More on the Local Food Ambassador Program:

Inspired by these student Ambassadors?!

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