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Ugly Fish Bingo

Ugly Fish Bingo

Extension agents, community organizers, and students can use Ugly Fish Bingo as an egaging activity to help people become familiar with underutilized seafood species from North Carolina's waters. Ugly Fish Bingo has fun images and short descriptions about each featured seafood species.

Ugly Fish Bingo can be downloaded here as PPT slides.

Print these bingo cards and seafood substitution cards. And don't forget to bring prizes for winners. Everyone loves to win prizes! And, if available, provide samples of NC seafood!

Ugly Fish Bingo is a great complement to our film short Ugly & Wild: Learning to Love NC Fish.

The Ugly & Wild film short and the original Ugly Fish Bingo were created by Vittles Films.

Fish facts came from these great resources: NC Sea Grant, NC Catch, Locals Seafood, Seaview Crab Company!

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Click here to access the Ugly Fish Bingo game.

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