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What is Circles of 10?

Circles of 10 is a volunteer opportunity with the NC 10% Campaign that engages 10 individuals in each county to promote the importance of local foods in their existing circles of friends and neighbors. Circle Members build conversation about local foods by talking about the Campaign. They spread the word with friends and neighbors about their interest in local foods, and they also talk with local businesses.

Who volunteers in Circles of 10?

Volunteers are individuals or small groups interested in encouraging local food economies in their counties and across North Carolina.

What do Circles of 10 volunteers do?

  • Encourage 10 others to take the pledge too: friends, neighbors, restaurants, grocery stores, businesses. Set a goal to recruit 10 individuals, 10 restaurants, and 10 businesses in a year.

  • Wear your NC 10% eco-button to start up conversation.

  • Ask these questions when you’re shopping for food at restaurants and grocery stores:

    • Do you have any produce, fish or meat grown by North Carolina farmers/fishers?

    • Who should I speak with to request products grown, caught or produced in NC?

  • Choose to purchase foods from the grocery store and from restaurants that include local produce, fish, and meats.

  • Sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or Community Supported Fishery (CSF) subscription.

How do Circles of 10 volunteers get started?

Contact your county’s Local Food Coordinator (LFC) in NC Cooperative Extension (Find your LFC at or contact us at


Want to Start a Circles of 10 group?

For Extension Agents & Organizers 

For Volunteers 


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