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Farm to Senior Services

Unlocking institutional markets for local farmers creates profitable market potential, opportunities to improve healthy food options, and greater community resilience. However, institutional local food procurement is often limited by contracts, seasonality, and supply chain logistics. Smaller county-based institutions, such as senior food services, can be more accessible and require year-round volumes that match well with small and mid-scale farms. In addition, senior food services are often connected to local government offices motivated to support the viability of local farmers and food businesses. Senior food services vary but may include home food delivery and congregate meal sites (such as Meals on Wheels) or produce box delivery programs. These services provide healthy, fresh foods to a growing older adult population that often experiences high levels of food insecurity.

This program is a collaboration between the NC 10% Campaign, NC Cooperative Extension, Community Food Strategies, and the Center for Environmental Farming Systems. Visit the project page to learn more.

NC Farm To Senior Services

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Senior Stories

Visit senior centers in our state and learn about the impact of our Farm to Senior Service program

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