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Erik Morris

E. Morris & Son Plant Farm

Erik Morris is a local farmer in Maxton, North Carolina, near Laurinburg. E. Morris and Son Plant Farm was founded in 1919. Erik runs this third-generation farm with the assistance of his family. Erik grows strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, beans, and many other crops on his several acres of land. Erik also owns 13 greenhouses on his property, in which he grows various herbs and flowers. 

Erik also sells seeds to neighboring farmers, making him a big proponent of agriculture in his area. Erik sells most of his crops at his local farm stand where customers drive from miles around to buy his unique produce and seeds. Erik grows several specialty crops that are not available from grocery stores and commercial farmers. One specialty crop that Erik grows is a special type of collard that his grandfather created to endure the lower temperatures sometimes experienced on the farm.


Erik is committed to his farm and to serving his local community by providing food and seeds to people in his area. Erik represents several generations of local agriculture and expertise that will continue through his son. While Erik's farm will continue to produce food for another generation, many farms in the U.S. cannot sing the same song; for many local farmers, when they die, their agricultural legacy dies with them.


Lack of interest in agriculture by younger generations of farm families, who see their families labor and toil their whole lives with little to no capital gain, typically discourages them from farming. Erik echoes how many farmers feel: If you don’t have a heart for farming, then there's no point in getting into the business. For farmers like Erik, the social aspect of community and love for working the land is what drives them to continue farming. While the future may look bleak for some farming families and communities, the Morrison family farm will continue to be a driving force for local agriculture in their community.

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