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About the Campaign

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Our Story


The NC 10% Campaign is a collaborative statewide initiative led by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) and North Carolina Cooperative Extension promoting locally-grown/caught food, farmers and fishers, as well as the businesses and people who prepare, distribute, and sell food grown in North Carolina.

The NC 10% Campaign encourages NC individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions to spend at least 10% of their food dollars on NC-grown and caught foods. It is estimated that NCians spend over $35 billion on food each year. If 10% of those purchases were from NC farms, $3.5 billion would stay within North Carolina’s statewide economy.

The Campaign was started in July 2010 with aim of creating demand for local foods, giving an attainable goal of 10% locally-grown/raised/caught, & stimulating economic opportunities for NC farmers & fisheries through the following approaches:

  • partner promotion via interactive local foods map & multi-media strategies

  • outreach and education via food system sector programming & community events

  • producer/buyer networking and value-chain development

  • online local foods data tracking dashboard


How Can you Support Local Farmers?

Individuals, businesses, and institutions join the Campaign by pledging to spend at least 10% on local foods, promoting the Campaign, and reporting their spending to the Campaign’s online local foods tracker. Community partners join the Campaign by promoting the Campaign and local foods through signage, online promotion, and/or print. County governments and policy makers join the Campaign by adopting local food procurement language that can have a lasting impact on their community and agriculture industry. The Campaign will in turn promote these businesses and organizations to our individual and business members!


The Mission of the NC 10% Campaign is to create local food educational and outreach tools and generate demand for local foods in North Carolina as a way to promote job creation and economic development in the local food system.


The Vision of the NC 10% Campaign is that individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions understand the benefit of strong and resilient local foods systems, know how to find local foods throughout the state, and are able to spend at least 10% of their existing food budget on NC-grown/raised/caught foods.


Robyn Stout

Statewide Coordinator

Lindsey Carver - Isabella Stewart Gardner.png

Lindsey Carver

Farm to Senior Services Program Coordinator, Extension Associate

To find your area local foods agent, contact your county Cooperative Extension office

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