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Visioning Our Food Future

Community members in Bladen, Columbus, and Robeson counties are teaming up with a research and facilitation team from CEFS and others from NC State University to create a food system assessment and plan for the region. Through this process community members will identify assets and challenges and prioritize actions that will guide future food system development. Taking the time to go through this process prioritizes equitable outcomes in food system development. 


Over eighteen months, community members across the three counties will provide insight, information, and goals for the local food system. The research and facilitation team will attend and host various events and opportunities to engage with the community to gather and report data and information. This team will create documents, maps, and other supporting resources that will be compiled into an assessment and plan for community members to approve.


This process is community-driven, meaning the community identifies the questions, data, and strategies. The research and facilitation team from NC State University will help guide the process and leverage our resources and knowledge to support the community. Our goal is that this process will support deep community relationships and collaboration and prioritize actions for future food system development that can sustain a thriving local food economy, with equitable access to healthy food for all.

Read more on the project page, here.

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